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A Poem from Rhonda

I have lost my comfort, my shield, my strength…..

I never had to worry when you was around;

You always came thru and picked me up off the ground.

You was so strong, how could it be true;

It all just ended, no one had a clue.

When I had you, I never had to cry;

Just call on Joe and watch the world pass me by.

You knew what to say, you knew what to do;

To get all my pain out and let the happiness shine thru.

You had the warmest smile and the biggest heart;

I never could see us through, finally apart.

I had you and you had me;

We had a lot of plans that only me and you could see.

Now I’m left here alone to make them come true;

How do I do this, what do I do?

I need you here to make me strong;

Setting beside me, dragging me along.

Oh, how I miss you, if only you could see;

I can’t make it thru this, the pains to much for me.

I’m so scared of being so alone;

I never seen my life where you was gone.

Now its happened, there’s nothing I can do;

It’s up to the strength you’ve given me for me to make it thru.

I’m going to try to do this alone;

To pick myself up and carry me on.

With the words you’ve given me, the strength that lives on;

It looks like it’d be easy to go on.

Well, when you left, some of the strength went too;

Because I feel weaker than even you knew.

But some where inside me I hear you say;

“Baby go on, It’ll be okay.”

Written by Rhonda Nelson Joseph’s Fiancée

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